Branche x Fashion Critical


I was speechless when red carpet royalty, (with a side serving of anonymity) and the sharpest tongue in Straya, agreed to collaborating with Branche on a range of T-shirts.



For the uneducated, every red carpet and awards season, Fashion Critical (or FC as she’s known to her followers) delivers a take-no-prisoners commentary on the glamorous gowns that trip down the red carpet. She pulls no punches, applies a liberal use of capital letters – and her 200,000+ Facebook fans adore her for it.



There is no one better qualified in Australia, heck the world, than FC, to create the perfect range of white T-shirts for her loyal tribe. We were blessed with a street sweeper load of quotes to choose from and it took some time to narrow it down to just 2 designs for our second and strictly limited edition run.



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